Service outside Bendigo

Travel Fees do apply - Based on Google Maps Travel Time

Travel Fee is billed at $60 per hour including return trip this pays for our staff members fuel and time only at a fair and reasonable rate (eg Bendigo to Goornong takes 26min with return the travel fee would be $52)

  • Bendigo to Goornong - 26min
  • Bendigo to Raywood - 30 min
  • Bendigo to Heathcote - 35 min
  • Bendigo to Castlemaine - 35 min
  • Bendigo to Maldon - 38min
  • Bendigo to Inglewood - 39 min
  • Bendigo to Rochester - 48 min
  • Bendigo to Wedderburn - 58min
  • Bendigo to Echuca - 71 min
  • Bendigo to Seymore - 72 min
  • Bendigo to Ballarat - 1 hours 40 min

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*please note the travel fee is billed on top of the callout fee & is not subject to discount offers and promotions , when quoting jobs we quote based on the details you provide if you request additonal issues to be fixed or require additonal service you may require an additonal apointment please try to take as much detail into account to avoid extra charges

Our Service Area

Onsite Technical Support service up to a one hour drive from the Bendigo CBD, and will travel further if required for a fee

We have a Flat $40 Callout Fee in and around Bendigo itself, for travel outside Bendigo we also charge a travel fee of $60 per hour, travel time is based on google maps estimate of time to travel to you and back from bendigo CBD

We Quote all our Services and Jobs in advance based on an educated timeframe to complete them, due to the differance between some computers though some issues do take longer to fix on some computers than others

Phone & Remote Support is available as well for issues that can be fixed remotely (active internet Conection required) only available by apointment with EFT/Direct Deposit or Credit Card Payment in advance, all payments must be verified before work comences


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